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Hongkong LSMMS exploding head leads the fashion design route of international children's clothing, the only focus on the tide of children's clothing culture, love and freedom, spiritual wealth and the love without borders, innovation and fashion, hip-hop and tide cards, so that every baby's world is more colorful. The only focus on the tide brand culture, the pride and confidence of the explosion head, the unique and vivid design style of the black children, create a modern style of personality and brand breath, the extraordinary magic and the avant-garde lovely, natural without boastful, bring the pure baby star style, bring the vitality and vitality, every day full of vitality, full of vitality, full of vitality.

Every series of children's wear will go in the forefront of international fashion. The sense of art and the sense of quality are different from the design of traditional children's wear. Every quarter of children's wear is a wonderful story, like one thousand and one nights, let the children's world, full of fantasy and expectation. A small step for the baby, Hongkong LSMMS exploded a big step. At present, the 2018 Spring Festival bear series, the return to the ancient series official network has been on the shelf, not only let the baby feel relaxed, but also let them be more happy to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival.

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